State of the Business Process Management Market 2008

On January 25, 2008, Oracle completed a thorough analysis of the business process management (BPM) market, drawing on more than 100 analyst reports, articles, and customer surveys. To help customers better understand the market, this white paper explores the rise of BPM, its current trajectory, and trends to watch. The early adopters of BPM have much to share. BPM has helped organizations improve visibility into market risk, double profit margins through operational efficiencies, and triple customer satisfaction rates by automating manual and paper-based processes.
Over the last few years, BPM has seen rapid growth because it succeeds where earlier approaches have failed—uniting business strategists and technologists together with a shared set of tools to accomplish common goals. The future promises even more explosive growth as BPM products continue to mature, early success stories are shared, and enterprise-class vendors bring stability and scale to the market.

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